Bedminster Canine Kamp
Canine Influenza

You may have noticed reports on the local news regarding outbreaks of Canine Influenza. This airborne virus is highly contagious. Similar to kennel cough, this viral infection causes a gagging cough. However, it also includes nose/eye discharge, sneezing, lethargy, loss of appetite, and fever. Canine Influenza can be spread to cats as well. In some cases, for both cats and dogs if symptoms worsen, they can lead to pneumonia, which is a very serious inflammation of the lungs. In light of the recent outbreak in the area, we are highly recommending the Canine Influenza vaccine for ALL dogs. This includes daycare, boarding, training, and grooming dogs.

In the meantime, we have changed our disinfectant from KennelSol to Rescue. Both are professional disinfectants; however, Rescue requires a shorter contact time to properly sanitize and disinfect the item it has been applied to. Our staff has been working diligently to make sure all surfaces have been properly cleaned and disinfected each day and all HVAC system filters have been changed.

The vaccine requires 2 shots: the initial vaccine ( which takes up to 2 weeks to be effective once in your dog's system ) and a booster 3-4 weeks later that will need to be updated annually. Please check with your veterinarian about the Canine Influenza vaccine, and if it's appropriate for your dog. There are also alternative vet options if your veterinarian does not have the vaccine. Please check with your local Pets Plus and Tractor Supply stores as both typically provide onsite veterinarians on weekends to provide vaccinations.

Please keep in mind that the vaccine is not foolproof. It is only designed to cover several strains of the illness much like the human version for influenza. If your dog presents with any of the above listed symptoms, please let us know and seek veterinary care immediately. DO NOT BRING A DOG WITH ANY OF THE SYMPTOMS ABOVE  INTO OUR FACILITY. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to our front desk. 

Thank you!

Your dedicated BCK Staff